XProc Agenda 4 Feb 2015

See http://www.w3.org/XML/XProc/2015/02/04-agenda

XProc Agenda 04 Feb 2015

Meeting 213.

The XML Processing Model (XProc) WG will meet on Wednesday, 04 Feb 2015 at
[1]10:00a EST (07:00a PST, 15:00UTC) for one hour on the W3C Zakim Bridge,
[2]+1-617-761-6200 (or [3]via SIP), passcode [4]97762# ("XPROC").

XProc uses the [5]#xproc IRC channel on irc.w3.org:6665 (or via the [6]web
interface). The IRC channel is used for managing agendas, minutes, and
other aspects of the teleconference, so please join us there if at all

See the [7]XProc WG page for pointers to current documents and other
information. If you have additions to the agenda, please email them to the
WG list before the start of the telcon.

 1. Administrivia

      1. Roll call.
      2. Accept this [8]agenda.
      3. Accept the [9]minutes of 28 Jan 2015.
      4. Next meeting: 25 Feb 2015.

            * Propose to skip 11 and 18 Feb because of [10]XML Prague.
              Some informal events planned around the conference.

      5. Review of open action items:

            * [11]A-235-01: Alex to provide a use case for user-defined
              extension functions in XProc
            * [12]A-241-05: Alex to describe use cases for RDF support
              that require the ability to go back and forth from the
              triples to the documents.
            * [13]A-263-01: Norm to ask Frederick Hirsh for help with the
              encryption implementation parts
            * [14]A-263-01: Alex to consider the requirements for making
              it easy for pipelines to talk to web APIs that use common
              encryption patterns (e.g., OAuth2)

 2. Technical

      1. Do we need p:import-schema, [15]issue 92?
      2. Should we adopt shadow attributes, [16]issue 78?

 3. Any other business

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