Nov 5, 2014 W3C XML Processing Working Group meeting minutes

Nov 5, 2014 W3C XML Processing Working Group meeting

Norm, Alex,Jim & Loren attended

Jim did a lofi scribe (note to jim - must learn zakim)

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16:04 jfuller: Norm (remotely)

16:04 jfuller: Norm- any questions comments on agenda

16:04 jfuller: Norm - No comments

16:04 jfuller: Norm - any comments on last weeks meeting minutes, from
2 weeks ago

16:04 jfuller: Norm - hears none accepted

16:04 jfuller: Norm - open action items- couple on Norm,

16:05 jfuller: Alex talking about

16:05 jfuller: [11]A-241-05: Alex to describe use cases for RDF suppor

16:05 jfuller: Norm - some potential value for steps related to RDF/linked data

16:06 jfuller: Alex- should we change it to be broader in scope

16:06 jfuller: Alex- A lot has moved on since this action item was created

16:06 jfuller: Alex- consider steps related too RFA, Turtle, json-ld
and semanticy data standards

16:07 jfuller: Alex- whole linked data stack, csv on the web (its own thing...),

16:07 jfuller: Norm - I would like you (alex) take action item to
describe broader array of semantic items

16:08 jfuller: Jim - doesnt the existing action item apply ?

16:08 jfuller: Alex- that was a very specific use case

16:08 jfuller: Jim - so there was a superset

16:08 jfuller: Alex- yes

16:09 jfuller: Norm - can you create action item for these 2 things so
they dont get lost ?

16:09 jfuller: Alex- yes

16:09 jfuller: action- broader analysis of semantic technologies cross
product with xproc

16:09 jfuller: action- analysis of 'csv on the web' with xproc

16:09 jfuller: Norm babbles something about driving ......

16:10 jfuller: A-252-01: Norm to see about getting the XProc comments

16:10 jfuller:              list subscribed to GitHub notifications

16:10 jfuller: Norm- that action item is continuing

16:10 jfuller: Norm - summarises edits to from TPAC

16:11 jfuller: Jim - has Vojtech's comments been addressed ?

16:11 jfuller: Norm- not yet, will attempt new draft

16:11 jfuller: Alex- is the new draft from TPAC, the status quo ?

16:11 jfuller: Norm- yes this is the new status quo

16:12 jfuller: Alex and Norm frolic amongst github goodness

16:12 jfuller: and travis

16:12 jfuller: Jim - congrats on TPAC work

16:13 jfuller: Alex- positive about new process (after the pain) and
to make new progress

16:13 jfuller: Norm- as soon as I do my action item to enable email
notification, better

16:14 jfuller: Norm - action draw up proposal for first public working draft

16:14 jfuller: Alex- we should decide what goes into that draft,
address Vojtech's concerns ... any other others received in the

16:14 jfuller: Norm - thats why my action is too propose

16:15 jfuller: Norm- next on the agenda for accessing pull request

16:15 jfuller: discussing       1. Jim's proposal to make p:inline
optional: [14]pull request.

16:15 jfuller:

16:16 jfuller:

16:17 jfuller: Alex- taking a view

16:18 jfuller:

16:23 jfuller: Alex- you will get all in scope namespaces as well, we
could add some behaviour

16:23 jfuller: Alex - give implementations freedom to do more

16:23 jfuller: Norm - in practice, implementators would have to
examine xpath expressions,

16:24 jfuller: Norm - I would be more inclined to say 'lets allow
exclude-inline-prefixes on p:input' then do magic

16:24 jfuller: Alex - a lot of extra declared namespaces means you
fall into the 20 of the 80/20 rule

16:25 jfuller: Norm - it would make our xml a bit strange

16:25 jfuller: Alex- I like the idea of putting it on exclude-inline-prefixes,

16:25 jfuller: Norm- can you allow exclude-inline-prefixes

16:26 jfuller: Jim - people don't care

16:26 jfuller: Norm- people do care

16:26 jfuller: Alex- people want to generate clean xml

16:26 jfuller: Jim - action add exclude-inline-prefixes to the proposal

16:27 jfuller: Jim - if we add this is it acceptable ?

16:27 jfuller: Norm- I am willing to accept it after that edit

16:27 jfuller: Norm - make the changes and issue pull request

16:27 jfuller: Norm- Norm's proposal to make p:xslt easier to use

16:28 jfuller:

16:28 jfuller: Norm - discusses issue #1

16:28 jfuller: Norm- other change

16:28 jfuller:

16:28 jfuller: Norm - only 2 changes in that proposal

16:29 jfuller: Alex- doesnt that ( confuses primary
result with secondary result

16:29 jfuller: Alex- Norms comment that says '

16:29 jfuller: action Norm to remove the confusion with primary result
and secondary result

16:30 jfuller: Norm - based on doing his action, I am hearing no
objections to accepting those proposals

16:30 jfuller:

16:31 jfuller:

16:31 jfuller: Alex- totally for this, there is I think only 4 steps

16:31 jfuller: Norm - anyone object to these proposals, I hear none ,,, accepted

16:31 jfuller: Norm- No other business ? none heard

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