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Hi Norm,

Thanks for doing this. A couple of comments:

S04: "After a branch is selected, it is evaluated as if it was a subpipeline and only it had been present."

Since the grammar for the branches (p:when, p:otherwise) says that they contain a subpipeline, can't we just say something along the lines:

"After a branch is selected, the subpipeline that it contains is evaluated as if only that branch had been present."


S02: " is a static error (err:XS0018) to specify an invocation without specifying a value for a required option."

Perhaps "... to specify an invocation without providing a value" would read better? (Is "specifying an invocation" a commonly used phrase? It looks really creative to my non-English eyes. :-)


E07: Sorry, I forgot what the main motivation for adding "Any one of the compound step's readable ports." was. Was it to allow pipelines such as the following?

<p:identity name="id"/>
  <p:output port="result">
    <p:pipe step="id" port="result"/>


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