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> Hi Liam,
> Could you prepare (run checkers, especially the link checker as there are broken links at the moment) and install these document in TR please?

Yes, although I'll wait for Norm to confirm the date change. Philippe and Ralph must be busy, we didn't get approval in time for yesterday's publication.

Norm, will you rebuild, or should I edit the HTML?

> Also, could you provide me a short description and list of spec groups for these documents please? These are mandatory for FPWD.

[1] XProc 2.0: An XML Pipeline Language

XProc is an XML pipeline language; that is, a declarative dataflow language used to express steps required to process XML documents, coordinating operations such as querying, validation, inclusion, transformation and sorting.

[2] XProc 2.0: Standard Step Library

The XProc step library defines names and characteristics for a set of pipeline steps that every XProc processor is expected to support, as well as additional optional steps.

Groups: "XML Pipeline (XProc)", same as for XProc: An XML Pipeline Language, the existing recommendation (now split into the two documents we are publishing.)

I will send draft front page news to the team comm list tonight.


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