More f2f planning

"Henry S. Thompson" <> writes:
> Regrets, in Geneva at a conference.


> I can host a f2f anytime the week of 23 September, including 26-28,
> although I have to say I'd rather not stretch into the weekend -- do
> XSLT _really_ need four days of your time?

I'd prefer three days, especially since we'll spend some of Friday
doing a community presentation. But I totally understand the
reluctance to meet on Saturday. That Saturday would be about day 12
nearly in a row for me anyway.

Henry, Alex, and I will already be in the UK and Jim and Vojtech are
relatively close by, so perhaps we can justify a two-ish day

I formally propose that the XProc WG meet in Edinburgh on Thursday and
Friday, 26 and 27 September.

> There's a train leaving Kings Cross every evening at 1800 which gets
> you to Edinburgh at 2220. . .  Henley to Kings X is your problem :-).

I'll plan to do that on Wednesday evening.

I have to get back to LHR for a 1:30p departure on Monday. I don't
know what that means for my return journey.

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