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On Thu, Jan 26, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
> Here's a revised list of possible low-hanging-fruit items based on our
> call today:
> * Define XProc in terms of XPath 2.0 data models (drop XPath 1.0 support)

I think this goes some way in simplifying spec as well

> * Attribute value templates

fairly easy to implement

> * Arbitrary data model fragments for parameters/options/variables

could we consider one simplification related to parameters … e.g.  if
we allow data model frags in options and variables couldn't we allow
an option or variable to contain a




which means we could remove the notion of an parameter port (replace
with p:with-param) and simplify the language whilst retaining
everything we can do now.

> * Data types for options and parameters
> * Support for 'depends-on' (or some mechanism for asserting dependencies
>  that are not manifest in the data flow)
> * Syntactic shortcuts for p:input and/or p:pipe
> * Allow variables to be visible in nested pipelines
> * Some additional support for non-XML documents. Perhaps:
>    * The ability to load HTML5/JSON/etc. as XML
>    * An option on p:store to save decoded/binary data
> * Some mechanism for loading sets of documents at the p:document/p:data
>  level (e.g., <p:document href="/path/to/directory" include="*.xml"/>).
> * Simplify the task of passing "optional options" through a pipeline?
> * Explore using maps to simplify the parameters story
> Did I miss any that we discussed today?
> Can you think of any others?

* we touched upon it e.g. p:document and p:data could be merged

* thinking out loud, wonder if there is a way to merge the context
defined by elements p:xpath-context, p:viewport-source,

* assist making it easier to create cross platform pipelines e.g.
file.separator in file paths

thx for compiling these


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