Re: XProc Agenda for 5 Apr 2012

Attached is a very rough first draft of "XProc Requirements and Use Cases"

It has not been committed. Its front matter is suspect and some links are fictitious. 

Section 1. is largely new. It includes the table which used to appear in Section 5, connecting requirements to use cases; a new row has been added to expand the matrix to indicate how they have been satisfied, if at all. 

The other sections are, for the most part, what was in the April 2006 XML Processing Model Requirements and Use Cases Working Draft. Notably the I have appended a paragraph to each requirement and use case, which is intended to answer whether and how it was satisfied. 

I hope that you will consider it a reasonable initial First Editors' Draft. The editors welcome feedback from the working group. This draft presumes that the working group will audit the April 2006 WD to determine which requirements and use cases have been satisfied as one of the processes that will factor into the development of the requirements and use cases. 

Murray Maloney

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