XProc Minutes: 7 Oct 2010

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                                   - DRAFT -

                            XML Processing Model WG

Meeting 181, 07 Oct 2010


   See also: [3]IRC log


           Paul, Henry, Vojtech, Alex, Norm





     * [4]Topics

         1. [5]Accept this agenda?
         2. [6]Accept minutes from the previous meeting?
         3. [7]Next meeting: telcon, 21 October 2010?
         4. [8]Charter extension
         5. [9]Agenda items for TPAC
         6. [10]XML processor profiles document
         7. [11]Any other business?

     * [12]Summary of Action Items


  Accept this agenda?

   -> [13]http://www.w3.org/XML/XProc/2010/10/07-agenda

   Charter expiration


  Accept minutes from the previous meeting?

   -> [14]http://www.w3.org/XML/XProc/2010/09/23-minutes


  Next meeting: telcon, 21 October 2010?

   Paul to chair if Norm doesn't make it. Most significant agendum: an agenda
   for TPAC

  Charter extension

   Norm: Apparently our charter expired. Liam proposes extending with two
   ... 1. Finishing the default processing model
   ... 2. Maintenance

   Henry: I think something non-commital should be there for V.next
   ... in case we decide to do it.

   Alex: At least the opportunity to define some new steps would be good.

   Norm: So I'm hearing some consensus for attempting to get possible
   language extensions in our scope for the extended charter

   Vojtech: Perhaps just looking around and seeing if we can help people with
   what they're doing.

   Norm: Ok, I'll take that back to Liam

   <scribe> ACTION: Norm to discuss the charter with Liam [recorded in

  Agenda items for TPAC

   Norm: Expected to be present: Norm, Vojtech, Mohamed, and Alex. Regrets:
   Paul, Henry
   ... Proposed agenda topics: questions about processing model document,
   errata on XProc language
   ... Vojtech's observation on p:xslt and our xml:id story

   Vojtech: What about the template idea?

   Henry: Under the general heading of V.next, there's the template thing,
   iterate to fixed point, ...

   Vojtech: We could take items from the XProc wiki

   Norm: We can also talk about V.next

   Alex: What about a time slot for other groups to come and discuss it?

   Norm: Sure we could invite other groups. I tried to engage the TAG, but
   they're likely to be light on the ground.

   <scribe> ACTION: Norm to write a first draft of the f2f agenda [recorded
   in [16]http://www.w3.org/2010/10/07-xproc-minutes.html#action02]

  XML processor profiles document

   Norm: Henry, you had an action to produce a new draft, I had hoped a
   pub-ready one, any progress?

   Henry: I think I can get it done this weekend.

   Paul: The moratorium starts on 28 October, last request by 27 October

   Norm: We should be able to get in on that schedule.
   ... Any other issues to discuss about the profiles document?

   None heard

  Any other business?


Summary of Action Items

   [NEW] ACTION: Norm to discuss the charter with Liam [recorded in
   [NEW] ACTION: Norm to write a first draft of the f2f agenda [recorded in

   [End of minutes]


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