Document template test 10

The heart of test 10 is this expression:


There are two possible interpretations:

  "{" "/doc/p" "}"


  "{" "/doc/p}" "}"

The former yields a valid expression, the latter an invalid one.

The problem I have is this case:

  { concat('{{', $foo, '}}') }

There are two possible interpetations here too:

  " concat('{', $foo, '" ... error because there's an unbalanced "}"


  " concat('{', $foo, '}') "

If we say that "}" ends an expression when we're inside one, then the
first expression is valid and the second is not. If we say that "}}"
is matched even when we're inside an expression then the first
expression is invalid and the second is valid.

On the whole, I prefer the latter interpretation. In either case,
there are some sequences of values that cannot be constructed using
the document-template step. We'd have to have more complex parsing
rules to avoid that problem, but I'd rather not.

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Norman Walsh
Lead Engineer
MarkLogic Corporation

Received on Wednesday, 17 November 2010 15:34:26 UTC