Joint meeting with XML Security WG


I've accepted an invitation to meet with the XML Security WG next
Tuesday, 23 Sep, at 11:00a EDT (08:00a PDT, 15:00GMT, 16:00BST,
17:00CEST, 00:00JST+, 08:30p India).

Anyone interested in joining is welcome, but please let me and/or
Frederick know.

> To confirm, I think we are planning a joint XML Security and XProc
> discussion on 23 Sept (Tuesday), 11 am Eastern - noon Eastern during
> the regularly scheduled XML Security WG call.
> I propose we have the joint call on the Zakim bridge as scheduled for
> XML Security and that we also use the xml security IRC channel
> (#xmlsec). The conference code is 965732 ("XMLSEC").
> If you can let me know who might attend, that would be helpful.

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