RE: CR draft ready for review

> It's a p:pipeline, so it *does* declare parameters. From 4.1:
>   The p:pipeline element is just a simplified form of step
>   declaration. A document that reads:
>   <p:pipeline some-attributes>
>     some-content
>   </p:pipeline>
>   can be interpreted as if it read:
>   <p:declare-step some-attributes>
>     <p:input port='source' primary='true'/>
>     <p:input port='parameters' kind='parameters' primary='true'/>
>     <p:output port='result' primary='true'>
>     some-content
>   </p:declare-step>

So perhaps we should update 4.1 so that the first sentence of the second
paragraph says:

"All p:pipeline pipelines have an implicit primary input port named
'source', an implicit primary output port named 'result', and an
implicit primary parameter input port named 'parameters'."


Received on Friday, 21 November 2008 14:18:03 UTC