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Norman Walsh writes:

[I'm happy with everything you've done, great, thanks]

> | 2.4      A _bit_ more is needed here, or 2.8 is at best difficult to
> |          read and at worst incomprehensible.  A para. about the
> |          difference between option declaration and option binding,
> |          with one example each of select= and value=, perhaps. . .
> I'm not sure what section you're actually referring to here...and I'm afraid
> I screwed up and checked in the 'alternate' draft on top of the old one.
> My bad.

New section 2.8, something similar also needed for 2.7
(variables) and 2.9 (params). . ., maybe?

This is arising because section 2 has grown and grown, so that it's a
very long time between the introduction and the point when you get to
the syntax, with simple examples you can understand if you're a
newcomer.  Sigh.  Maybe some of section 2, e.g. 2.7--2.9, some of the
detail in 2.1--2.3, could be moved into the corresponding syntax
sections in 4 and 5?  Sigh again.  Linear text is just _so_ last century.

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