Re: Publication request: XProc on 1 May 2008

/ Norman Walsh <> was heard to say:
| The XML Processing Model WG plans to publish the following document:
|   XProc: An XML Pipeline Lanuage
| as an ordinary Working Draft on 1 May 2008.
| The document will be staged at
| later today or tomorrow. I'll send another note as soon as it's ready.

Apologies for the delay. It is now staged at

and I believe that it is pubrules clean except for some URI issues.
Henry will copy the appropriate library to /2008/xproc-1.0.xpl,
the /YYYY/xproc- URI isn't really a URI, and obviously the WD
will exist after the spec is staged.

I believe that Henry has a couple of small changes to make in
the schemas directory, but otherwise everything is ready to go.

There are some broken links in the diff.html version, caused by
deleted text, but I'm hoping those aren't a source of concern.

If you find any problems, please let me know.

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