Re: Fodder for the @name proposal

/ was heard to say:
|> > I find now that I want to refer to the pipeline input. I can't put
|> > a name up there, so I have to invent a namespace and a type:
|> No you don't (I didn't in _my_ example [1]):
|>  <p:pipeline xmlns:p=""
|>              type="mypipe">
|> ...
|>        <p:pipe step="mypipe" port="source"/>
|> is all you need.
|> ht
| Is it really so? I had a similar problem, but I came to the conclusion
| that you always have to use a non-null namespace in the "type" attribute
| - simply because p:pipeline is just a special case of p:declare-step,
| which demands that type is in a non-null namespace.

Right you are! I thought we'd made that restriction, but didn't find it
at the time.

So. We're back to having awkward irrelevant namespace declarations in
order to refer to the inputs of a pipeline explicitly, or we're
removing the "no null namespace" restriction.

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