Re: XProc Editors Draft 2007-07-19: Section 2.2 Comments

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| Technical comment:
| Paragraph just after Figure 4 says "When a step is used in a pipeline,
| connections are made to all of its inputs and outputs." But non-primary outputs
| don't have to be connected, right? Same comment further down where it says "All
| of the declared outputs of a step must be connected." I don't think this is true.
| Editorial comments:
| I know what you mean by "When an input accepts a sequence of documents, it may
| have one or more bindings to any of these locations." but I think it would be
| better phrased as "When an input accepts a sequence of documents, the documents
| can come from any combination of these locations."
| On error ports, it says: "These messages appear on a special error
| output port defined (only) in the catch clause of a try/catch." It's a bit
| confusing to say that the error output port is defined in the catch clause of
| the try/catch. Isn't it actually that every step has an error output port, but
| it can only be bound to the input of the catch clause of a try/catch?
| Section 2.2.1 External Documents: I wonder if the last couple of paragraphs
| should go in an informative note?

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