Re: XProc Editors Draft 2007-07-19: Appendix A Introduction Comments

On 7/23/07, Jeni Tennison <> wrote:
> Could we have a description of the semantics of the 'href' attribute on
> <c:result>? What does it mean if both 'value' and 'href' are specified,
> or is this impossible?

Yes, I'll clarify that.

The 'value' and 'href' attributes are mutually exclusive in their use by
the steps.  I'll clarify that in this section.

> The Note can be removed, can't it?


> I think there should there be a reference here to 2.8.2 (Step XPath
> Context) to describe, in general, what the XPath context is for the
> options that contain XPaths.

Good idea.  I'll do that.

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