XProc Editors Draft 2007-07-19: Section 5.1 Comments

Shouldn't this section also talk about <p:input>s that *aren't* 
declarations (ie are used within an atomic step)? We need to say 
somewhere that in these cases, the 'sequence', 'primary' and 'kind' 
attributes aren't allowed.

In 5.1.1 Document Inputs, third paragraph says:

   If sequence is specified with the value “yes”, then a sequence is
   allowed. If sequence is not specified, or has the value “no”, then it
   is a dynamic error (err:XD0006) for a sequence of more than one
   document to appear on the declared port.

I think this should say that if sequence is not specified or has the 
value "no" then the port must be provided with exactly one document, or 
the dynamic error occurs. (At the moment it sounds as if zero documents 
would be acceptable.)

Also in 5.1.1, it talks about the select expression "matching" nodes. 
But if it's a select expression then it must be *selecting* nodes. It 
would also be good to explicitly say that the elements are selected at 
every level (in other words, the <div>s that are selected in the example 
could occur within another <div>) rather than only at the top level (if, 
indeed, this is the case -- I can't remember).

The syntax summaries imply that it's not legal to put kind="document" on 
a document input port. Is that really the case? Should it be?

Spelling mistake in paragraph four of 5.1.2: s/paramters/parameters

In I don't think it should be an error if the name attribute of 
c:parameter contains a colon and there's a namespace attribute 
specified: it can just override the normal namespace binding.

Section 5.1.2 is very dense, and could do with an example to help 
illustrate the concepts, particularly to show the defaulting.

Jeni Tennison

Received on Monday, 23 July 2007 15:36:20 UTC