Re: Serialization

On 7/7/07, Alex Milowski <> wrote:
> It was added because people felt that the author of the stylesheet needed
> to have full control as stylesheets are distributed to users who treat
> them as black boxes.   Certainly, the use case of a browser invoking
> a transformation is one of those "black boxes".
> I feel strongly that:
>    * this is a very important feature for deployment encapsultation
>    * the implementation cost is low as it just passes a set of
>      "options" to a serializer
>    * the complexity cost is low because an author just optionally
>       sets serialization options
>    * this is something which your average XSLT author is familiar
>    * this is something that XSLT 2 spent a lot of time to get right because
>       there was a real need in the XSLT user community.  As such, we'll
>       have that need too.

Fair enough: I don't necessarily agree with all the points you are
making, but I don't feel very strongly about this. So if the consensus
is that we need this feature, I won't oppose it :).

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