Re: XProc Minutes 12 July 2007

>    Norm: I want to know what stands between us and last call.
>    ... Please be prepared to enumerate the issues you know of next week.

The things I think still need to be done are:

1. Specify the base URIs of outputs, and provide some mechanisms for 
base URI access and resolution [1]

2. Better specification of the environment used to evaluate XPath 
expressions (a) in XProc and (b) passed as arguments to the built-in 
steps. In particular (i) context position and size, (ii) variable 
bindings (iii) namespace bindings.

5.7.3 Option and Parameter Namespace Bindings goes part of the way, but 
doesn't describe what happens if the option/parameter gets set from an 
input document (e.g. an attribute value).



Jeni Tennison

Received on Friday, 13 July 2007 19:53:03 UTC