Re: Updates to the Standard Steps

/ Alex Milowski <> was heard to say:
| Here's what I've updated:
|  * Added authentication support to p:http-request

Where? The "attributes" username, password, and friends are mentioned
in the prose but they aren't options on p:http-request or attributes
on c:http-request, so I'm confused.

|  * Added encoding and charset options to p:unescape-markup to work
|    better with p:http-request results that are encoded.

The unescape-markup step says:

 Further, if the namespace option is specified, the default namespace
 is declared on that wrapper element.

But in the example:

  <p xmlns="">This is a chunk.</p>
  <p xmlns="">This is a another chunk.</p>

The namespace is not specified on the wrapper element. On balance, I
think the example is a better idea than the prose since adding a
default namespace to the wrapper would usually change its name.

|  * Added text describing how xsl:output is ignored in p:xslt as we
| don't serialize
|  * Added text describing how p:xslt must produce a well-formed document.


|  * Added serialization options to p:store and p:http-request

I thought we were going to have a simple "store" component that didn't
require implementing the full richness of the XSLT 2.0 serialization
story and an optional "serialize" step that would.

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