Re: Parameters and pipelines proposal

/ Jeni Tennison <> was heard to say:
| I don't think people should be specifying default values for
| parameters anyway (because if you know the name of a parameter that
| your pipeline will receive, you should be using an option).
| So personally I'd vote for mandating parameter inputs be empty and not
| allowing <p:parameter> here.


I think you're right; allowing both parameters and options at the top
level is asking for confusion. And I'm entirely happy to make the
parameter inputs empty too, for the same reason.

| One last thing: can we rename <c:parameter-list> to <c:parameter-set>
| or <c:parameter-bindings> or <c:parameter-map> or something?
| <c:parameter-list> makes it sound as though the parameters are
| ordered, which they're not (in the set generated from the
| <c:parameter-set> element).

c:parameter-set works for me.

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Received on Thursday, 12 July 2007 11:36:06 UTC