Re: component with no inputs

/ Innovimax SARL <> was heard to say:
| May be it is a kind of strange question, but, did we say something
| about the order of component evaluation ?
| I just read
| "The result of evaluating a pipeline is the result of evaluating the
| steps that it contains, in the order determined by the connections
| between them"

So we do say *something* :-) And the computation of options and
parameters can contribute to the connections.

| We have p:load and p:error that have no input
| Since p:load has output, we can determine an order for evaluation (not
| a total order)

Right. I'm not sure we have to specify a total order.

| But this is not true for p:error
| does this mean that we can throw the error anywhen
| so a clever implementation would throw it first
| so it means that when you have an error step, it is useful to now that
| no step at same level would be executed

Yes, I think it could. I don't expect p:error to be used very often
except inside p:choose. A p:error with siblings is a bit...odd.

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