Re: p:input doppelgangers

On 7/5/07, Henry S. Thompson <> wrote:
> I strongly disagree -- this makes the user do work instead of the
> implementors, which is the wrong way around.

I strongly agree ;). I also would like to be able to evaluate XPath
expressions that don't use a context node when there is no context
node. But the XPath specification does not allow this. Again: my
understanding is that you need a context node to evaluate an XPath
expression. You and I don't like this, but if this is a "bug", it is
one to be fixed in the XPath specification. Really, I don't see how we
can get around this and still allow people implementing XProc to use
off-the-shelf XPath implementations.

We could say that we hate this so much, that we are not going to
support XPath, but our own XPath++, which is like XPath, except you
can evaluate XPath expressions that do not use the context node when
no context is provided. The issue is what you find out there is
implementations of XPath, not XPath++. And I don't think it's
reasonable to require from people implementing XProc to hack their
favorite XPath implementation to support our XPath++.

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