Re: p:input doppelgangers

On 7/4/07, Norman Walsh <> wrote:
> / (Henry S. Thompson) was heard to say:
> |  p:xpath-context
> |    (p:empty | p:pipe | p:document | p:inline )?
> |
> |    A special case -- exactly one document, or none.  A dynamic error
> |    if p:empty is used and a 'test' XPath expression appeals to the
> |    context-node or context-position.
> Fixed.

And p:empty is accepted? XPath expressions are evaluated in a context,
and a context node is part of that context. Even if some expressions
do not use the context node, my understanding is that XPath requires a
context node to be present. In fact (at least some) XPath libraries
enforce this by require a context node. So what would the context node
be when p:empty is used?

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