Issue with Use Case 5.6

The example pipeline is here:

The problem I have is that the XSLT transform produces multiple outputs.
One reasonable thing for the component to do is to produce a sequence.

What I wanted the pipeline to do was to use a viewport to process
each reference to the document.  Each document is loaded into the 
pipeline, transformed, and saved.

Meanwhile, the reference needs to change from a .xml link to a .xhtml
link. So, the replacement for the viewport is the second output of
the xslt step.

I think what is needed is a way to divert certain documents from a
sequence of documents to a particular output port.  That would require
allowing arbitrary output ports--which we don't have right now.
We currently allow arbitrary input ports for the case of document
or sequence aggregation.  This is essentially the reverse of that.


I'm not sure we really want arbitrary outputs...

--Alex Milowski

Received on Saturday, 2 September 2006 16:55:09 UTC