Re: The Scope of Step Names

Henry S. Thompson wrote:
> Alex Milowski writes:
>> In section 4.1.2, we have:
>> "The scope of component names is the flow graph of their container and
>> the flow graphs of the constructs therein, recursively."
>> I think should have been 'step names'.  component names are global
>> as they represent a type of component that can be used in a step.
> That's a confusion -- 'component' is the cover term in this draft for
> steps (XSLT, XInclude, etc.) and constructs (choose, for-each, etc.).
> Individual steps have types and names, individual constructs have
> names too.

Steps refer to types but you refer to steps via their name.  Hence, when
tracing a flow, you are referring to a step via its name and qualify
that with a port name.

At the end, you have a unique set of component type names as determined

    * the "built-in" component types
    * any declare-component definitions in the pipeline
    * any libraries that you import.

This is a "flat" set of component types and so you can't have

--Alex Milowski

Received on Monday, 2 October 2006 18:23:55 UTC