Re: A "processing model" proposal

| And another
|   <p:pipeline>
|     <p:stage name="validate"/>
|     <p:stage name="xinclude"/>
|     <p:stage name="validate">
|       <p:output href="someOtherURI"/>
|     <p:stage>
|     <p:stage name="xslt">
|       <p:input href="someOtherURI"/>
|       <p:param name="stylesheet" href="style.xsl"/>
|     </p:stage>
|   </p:pipeline>

Alex's observations made me realize I just wrote the wrong thing.
I meant to say:

     <p:stage name="validate"/>
     <p:stage name="xinclude"/>
     <p:stage name="validate">
       <p:output href="someOtherURI-One"/>
     <p:stage name="xslt">
       <p:input href="someOtherURI-Two"/>
       <p:param name="stylesheet" href="style.xsl"/>

| This pipeline performs validation, xinclude, and validation then
| transforms the result. A clever processor could do the last two steps
| in parallel but it doesn't have to.

In fact, in this pipeline, a really clever processor might just
skip the first four stages altogether :-)

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