XPath 1.0 and sequence of documents

Looking carefully at the current story, I see some point that need
some clarifications

== construction ==
We need a special construct for creating empty sequence of document
<p:empty-sequence/> is proposed (against just p:empty, which could
recall noop, void instead of empty sequence or worse an empty document
The concatenation of zero or more empty-sequence is an empty-sequence

== extract subsequence ==
It seems like there is no easy way to extract a subsequence out of a
sequence with existing constructs in the language

We need
* a predefined component that does the work
* or special functions in xpath with a clear story (like head() and tail())

== xpath operating on a sequence ==
It seems that the obvious way is to let operate xpath on each document
of the sequence.
In suche case, there is no simple way to let xpath access to the whole sequence.

Worse :
how can we test that a sequence is empty easily ?

And really worse :
Can we let a @test in a p:when operate on a sequence ?
What do mean "*[@version<2.0]" on an empty sequence ? on a sequence
with two document ?


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