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> / "Grosso, Paul" <> was heard to say:
> | In the diff one, the strikeout seems to get stuck so it looks 
> | you're deleting everything from the middle of 4.1.2 on.
> You're looking at
> right?


> With what browser (not that it should matter)?

IE 6.0.

Since you mentioned it, I also checked with NS 8.x, and
it displays correctly there, so I guess it's an IE thing.

If I delete:

<div class="programlisting"><pre>&lt;p:step name="expand"
  &lt;p:input <span
<span class="revision-added"><span>    &lt;p:pipe</span></span><span
</span></span>step="otherstep" <span
<span class="revision-added"><span>  &lt;/p:input&gt;</span></span><span
<span class="revision-deleted"><span/></span>&lt;/p:step&gt;

then things work, but something about that chunk is confusing IE.

Actually, it's confusing me too, because it seems to be saying
you are deleting the </p:step>, but then you'd be leaving an
unmatched <p:step>.


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