Re: Standard Component Descriptions

On 11/22/06, Alex Milowski <> wrote:
> > What would you think of using the "Trivial Embedding of XQuery" of XQueryX?
> >
> >
> That would require escaping literal elements in the query.  I don't
> see that as a good thing.

Isn't that what "trivial embedding" in XQueryX was trying to do? In
any case, it looks like trivial embedding has been removed from
XQueryX. That's too bad as it was IMHO the single most interesting
features of that specification.

>From the change logs:
"The at-risk feature Trivial Embedding was removed from this document
(and from the XQuery 1.0 document) before requesting the Director's
permission to advance to Proposed Recommendation because of
insufficient implementation experience."

> Personally, I don't understand why we can't have a standard
> representation that wraps a query with XML but allows:
>     * the "normal" query syntax (i.e. no expansion into
>       xml)
>     * literal elements just as literal elements!

Could you give us an example of what you have in mind here?

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