Re: quick review of the V2 Reqs

Romain Deltour <> writes:
> I just skimmed the just-published "XProc V2.0 Requirements" draft. I
> first want express thanks and congrats to the WG; very good
> progress, I like what I'm reading.


> Two reqs/ideas seem to be missing from the doc:
>  * base URI handling (low hanging fruit)

We've just added that one. I think it will be easy to address using
the properties/metadata features that we're considering adding.

>  * reading ports from XPath

I think the consensus of the WG was not to accept this as a
requirement. Ironically, the message you're pointing to is my attempt
to explain why I (personally) don't think port reading functions are a
good idea.

And I think the prospect of adding user defined functions means the
analysis necessary could quickly become impractical.

> I don't mean to sound nagging or intrusive, just wanted to bring the
> attention in case these were simply unintentionally omitted.

Happy to have someone reviewing the requirements. Send anything you
think of!

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Received on Friday, 27 September 2013 15:54:27 UTC