Re: XForms 1.1 Review

Grosso, Paul scripsit:

> Is there some word(s) missing here?  I'm not sure how to
> parse the clause following the comma.

Oops, yes.  I dropped the last three words somehow: they were "should
be added".  Here's a restatement of the list with an additional issue:

1) XForms inherits the definition of "id" from the language in which it
is embedded; as such, it cannot be readily imbedded in a language where
the ID attribute is "xml:id".  Either should be allowed.

2) There is a normative reference to XForms 1.0 that seems unnecessary,
as XForms 1.1 is self-contained.

3) The types xforms:dayTimeDuration and yearMonthDuration should be
moved to the list of datatypes that allow empty content in 5.2.7,
and their places should be occupied by the types xs:dayTimeDuration
and xs:yearMonthDuration.  These types are in the XML Schema namespace,
but are defined by the XQuery 1.0/XSLT 2.0 data model.

4) xs: seems to be preferred to xsd: as the prefix for the XML Schema
namespace; xsd: suggests the XML Schema Datatypes namespace.

5) The XForms-specific procedures should be harmonized with the XPath
2.0 function library where possible.

6) XForms 1.1 refers to the standard ISO/IEC 7812-1 normatively in order
to define the credit card checksum algorithm.  This standard is available
only for $$$$, and I think the algorithm should be restated in XForms 1.1
and the reference changed to an informative one.  The algorithm itself
is in the public domain; an adequate specification of it can be found
at .

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