comments on XKMS specification


Reading the XML Key Specification (Part I) [1] I found some issues to 

- There is a part of the Schema defining "RequestSignatureValue" 
element in the Compound Request Section (par[127]) which I think it 
should appear before the beginning of this section, in par[126].

- In the definition of the "StatusRequest" element (par[132]) it is 
said that it inherits the element attributes of "PendingRequestType", 
and the same can be understood from the Schema. However, 
the "ResponseId" attribute -which is already part 
of "PendingRequestType"- is defined there. To make it more confusing 
it is said to be Optional whereas in "PendingRequestType" it was 
Required. Should this reference be removed from there?

- Maybe this is not so important, but in the Data Encryption Example 
(par[146]) a key is bound to bob @ "" but then in par[147] 
the name used is bob @ "bobcorp.test". Of course the example is 
perfectly understandable but maybe both paragraphs should be 

Kind regards,

 - -Guillermo Alvaro Rey


Received on Wednesday, 14 April 2004 13:03:35 UTC