XHTML 1.1 spec: lang and xml:lang (PR#10217)


I've looked at the latest XHTML spec from 2009-05-07. Referring to


In the I18N module, there are only two attributes listed: dir and xml:lang. The note in the last paragraph says: "Finally, note that the I18N collection only contains the xml:lang attribute unless the Bi- directional Text Module module is selected." This is fine, but...


says (last paragraph):

"This specification also adds the lang attribute to the I18N attribute
collection as defined in [XHTMLMOD]. The lang attribute is defined in
[HTML4]. When this attribute and the xml:lang are specified on the
same element, the xml:lang takes precedence. When both lang and
xml:lang are specified on the same element, they SHOULD have the same

Is the 'lang' attribute deprecated? If it is not, it should be in the
I18N module as well. If it *is* deprecated,


is basically wrong, isn't it?

What's the status on lang now?


Received on Tuesday, 2 June 2009 15:27:15 UTC