Re: Reissuing XHTML Basic 1.1

On Fri, 24 Oct 2008 14:04:18 +0200, Toshihiko Yamakami  
<> wrote:
>  I have no issues on this version.


> [Friendly reminder]
>  However, it should be again noted that 5.5 Examples is a broken example.
>  The original author of XForms 1.0 seemed to intend to make a Japanese
> example, but just made a list of parameters for preparation.
>  The author never made a real form example and the section remains as it
> is.

Thanks for the friendly reminder :-)

Considering that your ability with producing Japanese is far better than  
mine :-) would you be willing to write out the example with the necessary  
Japanese texts?

(Otherwise we could replace it with a much simpler example).



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