Preparing for the f2f - DRAFTS UPDATED

In preparation for this week's f2f, I have updated a number of working 
drafts.  As usual, these updates are in 
and are diff-marked from earlier versions.

I have not yet reviewed the agenda for next week, but here are some 
things I think we need to address (in no particular order):

CURIES, XHTML Access, and XHTML Role are all related, and are all nearly 
ready to go to CR in my opinion


    The SWD WG submitted last call comments.  I have integrated the
    changes they suggested, which were all editorial.
    Jeremy asked that we make some changes w.r.t. xml namespaces.  I
    have put in proposed wording, and asked him if my proposal is
    Henry Thompson sent us a comment that made it clear there is still
    some confusion about the use of default namespaces.  I put in some
    additional wording about that.

    The changes I think require review by the group are marked with
    '@@@@'.  Please look these over carefully.

XHTML Access

    Turns out that there were a number of comments in the tracking
    system we had not formally replied to.  I am not sure how that
    happened.  I have gone through all of them and updated the status. 
    Steven had an action item to formally respond to the I18N group, but
    I don't see that response in the record.


    All comments were already addressed. We have not gotten a response
    from the XML CG to our response.  I have pinged them. 

Now that XHTML M12N 1.1 is a REC, we need to update our other specs.  
There are new versions in shape for PER that include the schema 
implementations.  They include XHTML 1.1, XHTML Basic 1.1, XHTML Print 
1.0, and RDFa Syntax 1.0.  We should decide a strategy for moving these 


    I have produced a strawman for this and it is on the drafts page. 
    Two open issues:  should we include WAI-ARIA?  And should we include
    the target attribute?  The "lang" attribute?  Obviously XHTML 1.2
    can't progress too much until the bits of it have progressed, but we
    can at least agree what we want in it for sure and start things rolling.

I am still working on an update to XHTMLMIME - I will get it done before 
close of business Monday US Central time.

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