Re: XML Events 2 draft ready for last call review

Greetings Shane, a few comments :

We ought to introduce early, perhaps the Abstract, the notion that we are 
defining three "features" that are related, events, handlers and script.

2.3.Host Language Processor Conformance
[ ]

===== make:

Host Language Processor vs. User Agent
We have historically called this user agent conformance, but since XML 
Events 2 is a generic XML Events mechanism, we really need to specify 
conformance for all classes of processors. 

===== an editor note for now.
Why is the following interesting, necessary or relevant?

        Note that observer = "<element-id>" and event = "<event-type>" are 
similar to the begin = "<element-id>.<event-type>" attribute in SMIL 
EventTiming [SMIL20].

we have lots of examples ( 3.1.1 ), why include a partial example here? If 
we do want to, then lets make it more "complete", i.e. not jusr "where 
'para1' is some ancestor of the following node"


this is confusing, both DOM2 and DOM 3 only define 3 phases: capture, 
target, bubble. What does phase=default mean and how would it be expressed 
in terms of DOM3 (and for that matter DOM2)? 

We then go on to define the ' default behavior is phase="default" ', which 
I interpret as meaning if you omit the attribute it is the equivalent of 
having specified phase="default". 

This may be the same as XML Events (1) but that isn't clear either.

comment is also relevant to Handler feature : addEventListener, 

4.The XML Handlers Module

I suspect that host language may wish to allow @if and @while on custom 
actions in the host language.

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XML Events 2 draft ready for last call review

As per my action item from the f2f this week, I have prepared a last 
call-ready draft of XML Events.  This document is available via our 
drafts page (of course).  Please review 
it and be prepared to vote on publishing as a last call draft at our 
meeting on Wednesday.

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