Re: Last call announcement: XHTML Role Attribute Module

Hi, folks.

> This is a last call announcement for:
>     XHTML Role Attribute Module
>     A module to support role classification of elements

And the Japanese translation is ready :)
(Oops, seems I mistyped the date, will correct it later).

Some questions:

1. There's missing ">" (>) in rdf:RDF element (Appendix B)
> ...
>     xmlns:states="" 
>     xmlns:wairole="" <- here!
>     <owl:Class rdf:ID="banner">
> ...

2. I wonder in which namespace that non-qualified role values are 

In sec 3.1.1 the CURIE syntax defines "If the prefix is omitted from a 
CURIE, the default value of MUST be 
used." [1] However, the rightafter Sec 4 tells that "Any non-qualified 
value MUST be interpreted in the XHTML namespace" [2].

If I'm not misunderstood, the prefix-omitted CURIE and non-qualified 
role value means the same thing (e.g. role="somevalue"). Then, what's 
the namespace for such value, 1999/xhtml/vocab# , 1999/xhtml , or 
1999/xhtml# [3]?

3. Similarly, the value for xml:base in taxonomy uses the XHTML 
namespace .
<rdf:RDF xml:base=""
> <rdf:RDF xml:base="" 
> ...

Hence the full URI reference would be like and we'll have hard time finding 
which one's the namespace or which one's the Class identifier. I wonder 
what's the right value for the attribute, xhtml# or xmtml/vocab# .


Masataka Yakura

Front-end Engineer
Research and Development Division
Mitsue-Links Co., Ltd.

Received on Tuesday, 9 October 2007 12:08:52 UTC