Agenda 28 November 2007

Note time is one hour earlier as agreed. The code may be different for  
this week only. Please check in the IRC channel.

Wednesday 14:00UTC, Zakim bridge, code 94865 ("XHTML"),
          irc channel #xhtml.

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Regrets: None

Candidate minute takers: Tina, Rich, Shane, Gregory, Roland, Steven, Mark,


      Calls over the holiday period



Outstanding Reviews

ITS Best practices [Note new version]

Agenda Items

Testing XHTML Basic 1.1

Title issue (RDFa vs role)

TAG role comment (continued from last week)

Events2 comments ('purpose' element)

object and role

CURIE Comments

M12N comment (IRIs)

Name of serialization of HTML5

Role last call issues

ARIA issues

XHTML 1.1 - xml:space in validator

Prefix mapping in role and/or RDFa


Legacy Module

@Talign (erratum)

XML Schema implementation for XHTML 2.0 (request from UWA WG)

Caption positioning & binding example using WAI-ARIA markup

For future calls


Role and Access


                     New draft
                     Suffix ambiguity:
                     Datatype etc
                     Syntax problems (PR#8010)
                     TAG position
                     Comments on WD-curie-20070307

RDFa Module
                     Test cases

                     Schema group problems:
                     We have requested PR. Discussion about implementations.
                     Prose vs implementation
                     Datatypes (PR # xxx)

XML Events 2
                     Namespace comment:

                     Draft published:
                     Comments  (PR#9715)
                     Media types  (PR#9716):

Other docs ready to go
                     XHTML 2



More issues, see:

Recent Actions:

[NEW] ACTION: Mark and Shane to explore the attribute vales issue in an  
update to the CURIEs ddraft. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane will follow up to clarify the xml:space in validator  
issue [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane, Mark and Steven will review ITS Best practices  
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Yam contact ACCESS to check on their support for inputmode  
[recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Steven convey reply about media type to pertinent parties
[recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Everyone please review the action item list and report if
actions assigned to you are done (via e-mail) [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Mark and Shane to address comments in [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Rich to sort out the proposal from Gregory as captured in
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to produce a new CURIEs doc that is consistent with
the RDFa doc and make it public in a similar timeframe to when the RDFa
document is made public. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Yam to report on testfest status [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to DanC's three comments on role [recorded
[NEW] ACTION: Mark to respond to John's comments [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven move the role document to last call. [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Mark creates integration set example [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane incorporate Schema comments change into document
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven reply to Schema comments [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Roland to respond to UWA WG and say yes, we are producing a
schema. We do not yet have a schedule. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to start implementing xml schema for xhtml 2.0
[recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Steven - prepare last call draft for the role module
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven request a moinmoin instance [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane will review editors draft of GRDDL [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to GRDDL review request [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Steven investigate starting a blog and wiki [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to get advice from I18N group about international
form of URIs [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to update the roadmap document [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Gregory to put together a proposal for how to connect the
access module into the event model. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to investigate a wiki space for XHTML 2 working group
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to update access module draft to include new attribute
and text. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Vote on last call for Role and Access next week. [recorded

[NEW] ACTION: Steven to check Shane's schema comments [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to send pointers to additions for Drafts page (RDFa
stuff) [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to create some role use cases [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to add clarification to section 3.4 of M12N 1.1
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to include the role module into the example xhtml+rdfa
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to propose a rephrasing of the about atribute
inheritance rules. [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven organise CR call with Steve Bratt for XHTML Basic 1.1
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to add text about differences between prose and schema
in Chapter 3 of M12N [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to Alapetites message on datatypes [recorded

[NEW] ACTION: GJR to explain what WAI ARIA attempting to achieve and
       crossover with RDFa let task force know via
       [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Jan resend URI of OMA test suite to public-xhtml2
       [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane - add input mode to XHTML 1.1 second edition
       [recorded in]

[NEW] ACTION: Group to reissue Ruby with schema additions [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to ensure we have a M12N DoC [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to fix missing elements in M12N [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to link hr into Basic 1.1 [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Shane to reply to ht [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to ensure there is a chair for next week [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to make a reg page for Boston FtF [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to GRDDL people about techniques for
identifying GRDDL docs [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to hr comment, and make it a CR comment
[recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to reply to script+cdata mail, saying we don't want
to document it [recorded in]
[NEW] ACTION: Steven to take M12N to CR [recorded in]

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