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WebID in spanish newspaper ElComercio

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The Spanish paper ElComercio has an article on B2B 2000's work on WebID


Using Google Translate I got the following 

We are all tired of that every time we come to a website that is in our interest, we have to check and memorize a password. In the end, we do not know which sites are registered, or what we decided to enter the password for certain pages and even sometimes not even checked out of laziness, because we see too many fields to fill and usually is a process that we have repeated many times, with consequent losses for portal development companies in question.
In B2B 2000 has undertaken an innovative project to address this problem, in collaboration with Fundación CTIC. This is a project that, based on the public profile of a user, it automatically authenticates a page without prior registration or entering a user name and password. This project also addresses this generation also public profile for users who do not have one creárselo can use on their websites and in other afterwards.
Project technology called WebID, is also safer than current authentication system because it relies on the use of digital certificates. WebID is being standardized by the W3C. To this end, it has organized a working group to advance about the future standard specification. B2B 2000 is actively involved in this working group. To realize their contribution has recently released the developments carried out in this project, with the aim of achieving one hand that using WebID spread and known and secondly to contribute to the W3C standardization process.
Although the technology is highly innovative, B2B 2000 expected in a period of two years to reach a mass market use and is the clear reference in the web authentication globally.
This project has been co-funded by the Basque Government and is part of the projects that the R + D + i of B2B 2000 takes place. Also noteworthy is the contribution of this Department FICYT, created just two years ago and currently and directly employs four people, by Jovellanos program for graduates incorporating projects and R & D + i.

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