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Re: unlinkability

From: Kingsley Idehen <kidehen@openlinksw.com>
Date: Sat, 06 Oct 2012 14:05:33 -0400
Message-ID: <507072ED.8050600@openlinksw.com>
To: public-xg-webid@w3.org
On 10/6/12 11:47 AM, Henry Story wrote:
>> *Undetectability*
>> >
>> >      Undetectability of an item of interest (IOI) from an
>> >      attacker's perspective means that the attacker cannot sufficiently
>> >      distinguish whether it exists or not.
>> >
>> >      Example: is <SomeURIDenotingAnEntity> a Person, Organization, or Machine?
> yes, we should look at that vocabulary and see how we can fill in some good use cases for WebID.
> I am bit weary of the Unlinkability being a good term, because it's just too much of a clash from
> the goodness we know comes with the ability to link things up. But I think I understand what is
> meant below the word. So the definition without the word can be used.

Yes, I agree.

>> >
>> >
>> >All of these matters play into the strengths that arise from combining de-referencable URIs, Entity Relationship Semantics (e.g. as explicitly delivered via RDFS and OWL), hyperlink based structured data representation (as delivered by Linked Data & RDF data model), and first-order logic (what underlies RDFS and OWL).
>> >
>> >WebID doesn't solve these matters alone. The solution is a combination of:
>> >
>> >1. WebID -- cryptographically verifiable identifiers for entities of type: foaf:Agent
>> >2. WebID authentication protocol -- what actually defines how authentication is performed
>> >3. ACL and Data Access policies -- driven by the combination of ACL oriented ontologies, WebID authentication protoocol, and WebID.
>> >
>> >We get into trouble when we try to refer to WebID as the solution. That kind of conflation inadvertently means 1/3 of the items outlined above.
>> >
>> >ACL protection of resource based on logic is the key. Logic is as dexterous enough to evolve with human social network dynamics.
>> >
>> >Let's take this opportunity to accentuate the power of socially aware ACLs and Data Access policies that leverage WebID and its Authentication Protocol.
>> >
>> >Henry: WebID on its own is just a piece of the puzzle. We have to push the synergy of WebID and ACLs much harder via actual demonstrations.
> Absolutely.
> This has to be the priority in our demos from now on.


These demos will have the dual effect of nullifying FUD while also 
shedding light on the real technology advances inherent in the 
architecture of the world wide web. Ultimately, we are always going to 
end up showcasing the fact that most are still failing to understand 
that "deceptively simple" != "simply simple" . In addition, there's 
inherent futility in undermining the intelligence and ingenuity of the 
human mind, thanks to temporality and cognition.

> Though we do have little nitty gritty things to finish in WebId, our demos and effort should be on
>     http://www.w3.org/wiki/WebAccessControl
> I'll get to programming that myself.
> And at TPAC we should put a lot of time aside for those issues.

Yes, we will certainly be showing up with interesting demos along these 
lines. That includes some interesting UI elements too :-)
> Perhaps we should start a document there on ACL.


> We should ask the Linked Data Profile group when there, after we show them a demo.


>> >This is what I do at every turn and I encourage everyone to emulate. At this juncture, I am still waiting for folks to come get on board by doing the following:
>> >
>> >1. sign all emails -- if you don't sign your emails you deprive yourself of the powerful entry point into the realms of user controlled verifiable identity and privacy
>> >2. start using ACLs to protect Web documents that you publish -- this is basically what I've put forth as RWW-0.
>> >
>> >Do that and you will find really simple ways to refute all of this FUD. Nothing beats an demonstration of reality.
> yes. Back to work.



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