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Re: SPDY & WebID

From: Henry Story <henry.story@bblfish.net>
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2012 12:35:48 +0200
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Some extra videos on SPDY, from the IETF mailing list.

Patrick McManus did a nice presentation and discusses how 'HTTP has hit a wall'.


He makes some similar points, but discussing mostly at the connection mgmt & protocol level.

Video is here:  https://codebits.eu/intra/s/session/220

On 25 Mar 2012, at 11:19, Henry Story wrote:

> Hi,
>  just found this SPDY presentation [1] from a Ruby programmer
>     http://speakerdeck.com/u/chris/p/you-aint-spdy-ruby-nation
>  I like one of the last slides at the end "SPDY build on SSL" .
> SPDY is now in Chrome and it Firefox. I've bumped it up on my 
> priority list as something to try out.
>  In Java/Scala/JRuby/Groovy/Closure/JPhp... land the very efficient 
> http://netty.io/ server was recently given a SPDY implementation.
>   In any case this should be of great interest also to linked data
> folks who need more than anyone else speed. And of course as SSL
> is built in, man in the middle attacks transforming your data will 
> no longer be a problem. Plus you get authentication for free as 
> part of the protocol ( http://webid.info/ ) - we just need to test it!
> 	Henry
> [1] I am not sure where the official documentation  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPDY
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