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RE: Certificate Triplify Challenge

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2012 07:55:05 -0800
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The new Henry sounds nicer - which is a start.  The message is identical to what I read 3-4 years ago. There is no change. That is not good. I see entrenchment in thinking, and now a nicer smoother debater. If I make an analogy, its a pre-1965 Spanish Catholic position. There is one church, one doctrine, and everyone else is a heretic. One blocks heretics (to preserve the church and its absolute infallibility above all else). If that means lots of folks die becuase the mission garden fails, so be it. At least we saved 1 soul (ours). Its the journeyman priest, at the mercy of fate. Now, the catholic history example is really quite wrong. The position taken is more like the early American Puritan, who wants minimalism in furniture and logic alike. But, he too will quite happily let the garden fail, and save (his own) soul. The rest deserved their fate in eternity, after all. What others call for is a state without religion bias (i.e. all encompassing). And, this seems anti-thetical to "the leadership". There has to be a single, overarching (and nicely, pretty logical) interpretation - but a mere interpretation it is. And, webid happens to be the place where the battle is won or lost. That its lost on time alone (while folks have the theological discussions) seems irrelevant. I learned lots from some academic colleages once, who were the last 4 british communists  left standing (I think). The only thing that was left (of a entirely dysfunctional party, that had collapsed from within) was their solidarity. "the only cause left is the cause, and not to follow it is to repudiate the cause". They would have murdered each other before letting the other define the cause, but they 100% agreed on the mantra about the cause. It was the dialectic of reasoning that mattered, so as to break the will of the evil (Microsoft) capitalist ...yada yada... even if it takes 200 years to accomplish the social revolution. Certs are fun, because they already went from the one-cause religion (OSI names, nicely modelled in formal and even consistent logic) to multi-religion (called the SAN GeneralName). Certs had the same issue as I see here with semweb generally, at year #15. (Its now year #25). Then ISO/IETF said: now go kill yourself over names, if you want. Here is the battlefield, which I lay before ALL the religious camps. We will happily watch (and milk the inaction, for all its worth, as an anti-paralysis tactic against knonw flaws in dialecticism). Since we already deployed...what everyone is using... every day... a billion times a day, we are perfectly happy for folks to expend energy achieving nothing.  If you want to use certs, you must conform - to the multi-religion world. Its re-designe in v3 included thwarting religious attacks as part of the security model - those known to induce paralysis. It got to play with such countermeassures -  having seen paralysis in its own camp (circa 1990). Its innovation (and thank NSA) was it had a common enemy, attacking RSA (which has magical properties). This bumped it out of its depressive cycle.                          
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