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RE: certificate "node"

From: Peter Williams <home_pw@msn.com>
Date: Tue, 3 Jan 2012 10:15:01 -0800
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Kingsley (and others)



I really do believe in webid, on account of what this "nuveau cert" demo shows. Its essentially what our friends from the OASIS XRI world were trying to deliver (in the context of openid, and then native XRI apps).


When W3C "TAG"objected to XRI ratification, I was appalled - that a really good "trust modelling apparatus" was being sacrificed (on some strange political alter). And, I could not see the truth of the W3C own claim (that the web had an native equivalent).


But, Ive seen it.


Now I start getting to say "polyarchical" again - which I only half understood the first time around.


We really need to get in touch with whats-his-name, who did XRI builds for Microsoft, made coherent polyarchicial arguments, openid 2 arhitect, and who writes all the US govts profile stuff for trust netework interworking, assurance standards, etc. Seemed quite pragmatic - and was not happy upset that the MODEL (not the embodiment) seemed to go nowhere in openid land. I think he really believed in it (as a forward looking technology set that has the "breadth" to be a national infrastructure).






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