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Re: How can users protect their foaf profile

From: Owen Sacco <owen.sacco@deri.org>
Date: Thu, 08 Sep 2011 17:25:41 +0100
Message-ID: <4E68EC85.6050408@deri.org>
To: fritztho@gmail.com
CC: public-xg-webid@w3.org
Another solution to protect your FOAF profile:

You can make your FOAF profile privately protected and have a manager 
that, after authenticating with WebID, can only grant access to specific 
information of your FOAF profile. You create preferences (which we call 
privacy preferences) using the Privacy Preference Ontology (PPO), to 
specify which specific information you want to share. More info about 
the PPO and this manager can be found at [1]. More technical info about 
this manager will be published shortly, however in the mean time you can 
take a look at the screencasts at [2].

Best regards,
Owen Sacco

/Ph.D. Student
//Digital Enterprise Research Institute
//National University of Ireland, Galway
//IDA//Business Park, Lower Dangan, Galway, Ireland/

[1] http://events.linkeddata.org/ldow2011/papers/ldow2011-paper01-sacco.pdf
[2] http://vmuss13.deri.ie/myprivacymanager/screencast/screencast.html

On 31/08/2011 12:08, Thomas Fritz wrote:
> Hi
> How can users protect their foaf profile so it is not publicly
> available to everyone.
> How can this be implemented so, i as the profile owner, can select
> which data i want to give to the authentication site.
> In all diagrams there is the assumption that the foaf profile can
> publicly accessed.
> ---
> Thomas FRITZ
> web http://fritzthomas.com
> twitter http://twitter.com/thomasf
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