Re: Narrowing down on WebID meeting

On Wed, 02 Mar 2011 12:00:22 +0100, Henry Story <>  

> Hi,
> Could everybody on the list send me or the list an answer to the  
> following questions?
>  - If there were a meeting in April in London at the BBC would you be  
> able to come?
>    If so what dates/week would be best for you?

All of April (except April 1st,22nd and 25th) will work OK for me.

Best fits with my plans are April 4-5 (can be fit with IETF), as well as  
14-21 and 26-27 (I am planning to be in the London area in that period, or  
can extend the stay)

>  - Where are you coming from? (So I can work out where the centre of  
> gravity of the group currently is in case we don't have enough mass for  
> BBC April)


>  - Are there some relevant conferences you are attending where we could  
> co-locate the meeting?

Not in the UK

>  - How much time do you need to know about this in advance to be able to  
> come?

I'll soon set up travel to IETF in Prague, so I'll need to know soon if I  
should buy a return trip or trip via London. For the rest of the period I  
can wait to set up travel arrangements.

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