Re: Documenting implicit assumptions?

On 1 Feb 2011, at 00:07, Peter Williams wrote:
> Here is one attempt that took me less than 30m. It captures something of things I dont like about Henry's conception - understanding that its just a strawman.

If you propose it I'd suggest opening a new thread. There you can add the following
to help people along: 
  - I don't see a section explaining why this is useful. That should come at the top. 
  - What does this protocol gain us over what we have now? 
  - Adding a UML Sequence diagram too would help understanding.

Anyway, no need to look at it too deeply if it's just a off the cuff thing you
wrote down on a piece of paper and have no serious intention to work on further.
I can already see about 5 issues I would have with it by perusing it quickly, one
of which is massive increase in complexity.


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