Documenting implicit assumptions?


the people in this incubator group come from different organisations and have different motivations and goals
for participating. So I was wondering if it might make sense to start documenting some (currently) implicit 
assumptions (or requirements) about a future WebID standard, or at least flagging those assumptions for discussion. 

As a start, I want to repeat something which has been stated in WebID-ISSUE-6: 

* a single user can have more then one certificate attached to a single WebID URI ("multiple SSL certs for one identity")

It might be an interesting exercise to figure out more implicit assumptions / requirements, document and discuss them, 
to figure out if there is a decision attached or if something is actually out of scope. 

Here are two implicit assumptions I have noticed: 

* the list of friends which is published together with a WebID is assumed to be public
(alternative: in order to participate in a web of trust, a WebID user has to make a part of his list of friends public) 

* the RDF which is returned when accessing a WebID is assumed to be public

Are these two assumptions widely agreed on? Because if not, provisions are required in order to allow the deviation from these assumptions. 

Equally importantly: Are there other assumptions which need to be documented?

cheers, Benjamin. 

Received on Monday, 31 January 2011 15:10:55 UTC