Re: 2nd teleconf time Doodle

It looks very much like Monday 7 February 2011 at 16:00:00 UTC

is the best for most people up to now. We can wait a bit longer to
see if this pans out. 

Perhaps we should keep this date for every two weeks, then if
we get more California people on board and so have more work,
we can create a more California/Asia or other friendly time
on the intervening week.


On 27 Jan 2011, at 11:28, Henry Story wrote:

> Hi,
>   We had a very good number of participants on our first teleconf. But we
> just wanted to see if we can get a time slot that is more favourable to our
> California friends. Please fill out this second Doodle. 
>  We should probably be focusing on deliverables in the next teleconf.
> 	Henry
> Social Web Architect

Social Web Architect

Received on Thursday, 27 January 2011 22:10:22 UTC