Issuer Alternative Names

I think we should add as an issue [1] to explore how the Issuer Alternative
name could be used either in server certificates or in client certificates.
The semantics of this would need to be looked at in more detail. This could
be useful. Well that means we should see what kind of interesting use cases
that makes possible.

Btw. nathan pointed a few days to the following RFC that has some useful 
background information on SAN's in certificates.
I have not studied it in detail. If someone can gives us a one paragraph
summary of what they are doing that would help.


PS. Perhaps this is a good thing to do initially, is to put together some
short issues people have and we can add them to the database if not obviously
out of scope. Then we can do a straw poll on which issues we work on first, so
that we try to concentrate on a few at a time.

[1] to the issues list here

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Received on Thursday, 27 January 2011 13:49:52 UTC